Canon 7d Camera

A new type of reflex came­ras desig­ned to cap­ture higher qua­lity ima­ges, they allow us to achieve a shar­per image and bet­ter color fide­lity than natu­ral. Thanks to FULL HD 1920 x 1080 we won’t miss a sin­gle detail of your spe­cial moment.

Canon Optics

Has a wide variety of HD len­ses from 18 to 500mm, allo­wing us to get a cine­ma­to­grap­hic view to go beyond a still image, expe­ri­men­ting with the crea­ti­vity in expo­si­tion and depth of field on the moving image being filmed.


With a maxi­mum height of 4.5m we can reach view­points not nor­ma­lly ima­gi­ned. With this equip­ment we get a broad over­view of the phy­si­cal space and clear details of the peo­ple with subtle move­ments that give us a visual rich­ness and cla­rity of image.

Live Sound

With the broa­dest tech­no­logy of Senn­hei­ser and Sony, we cap­ture all the sounds of the moment inde­pen­dently of the camera, wat­ching out not to lose a sin­gle detail of sound. We gene­rate a sin­gle audio track with the highest qua­lity defi­ni­tion and digi­tal sound.

Steady Cam

This tool will make you feel like floa­ting. A smooth ride through the hall­ways, or in any space or dis­tance, we can walk next to you and with deli­cate move­ments approach you and your guests to get every one of those unfor­get­ta­ble images.


The sli­der allows us to move the camera from side to side with slow, gentle move­ments. We will make a uni­quely impec­ca­ble image and design of the acces­so­ries that will por­tray the most impor­tant day of your life.